Mom Care

Herbal Bath

Herbal Body Scrub

Smoke Therapy

Wound Care (C- Section)

Tungku (Hot Stone Compress)

Bengkung (Belly Bind)

Lactation Coaching

*Subject to Postpartum Mother’s Condition

Baby Care

Herbal Bath 

Infant Massage

Smoke Therapy

Umbilical Cord Care

Flu Physical Therapy

*Subject to Newborn Condition

Healthilicious Confinement Meal Delivery

Basmathi Rice

Meat (Kg. Chicken & Selected Fish)


Lactation Drink

Lunch and Dinner Available

*Breastfeeding Friendly

*Jaundice Friendly 

*Confinement Friendly

*Groceries provided.


Therapeutic Postnatal Massage

60 mins of Oil Massage


30 mins of Sauna

*Subject to Postpartum Mother’s Condition

Prenatal Massage

45 mins of Oil Massage

15 mins of Foot Spa

*Subject to Prenatal Mother’s Condition


Newborn Photography

Merdeka Promo

RM 299/Session

Minimum 2 poses

*Subject to newborn’s condition